We deliver top-quality user-centred design that helps our clients improve their products and services

Space Around People provides a full service from strategy and design through to seamless delivery of apps, software and websites. We are used to working with our clients' own technical teams, or overseeing implementation in conjunction with our technology partners. We work comfortably with organisations of allsizes, across a broad range of sectors.

We combine a research-driven approach with empathy, creativity, strategic clarity, rigorous analysis and an ability to grasp our clients' business issues. We collaborate closely with our clients and their users / audiences to tackle complex problems and improve people's experiences of software, apps and interactive media.

Roughly 60% of our work is in the healthcare sector, where we have an unequalled track record of rapidly and effectively improving our clients' products and services. We're particularly focused on electronic health records and other systems that are used at or close to the point of care. We've spent years understanding how health and social care practitioners work, and this helps us grasp and communicate medical and care concepts quickly and clearly. 


Meet the team

Kit Lewis
Kit Lewis

Kit is an experienced executive who combines deep technical expertise in product management, UX and people-centred design with a strong general management track record. He has a successdul track record as an executive, non-exec and consultant across multiple verticals in private and public sectors - and has consistently demonstrated the ability to create a compelling strategic vision, gain stakeholder support and lead successful implementation.

He has consulted on projects for innovative start ups, agile developing businesses, global corporations and government departments, across a variety of industries and sectors.

Kit has extensive specialist experience within healthcare IT, having led the design of key NHS initiatives such as Electronic Prescribing, the Summary Care Record, the Common User Interface and the Map of Medicine. He has also consulted on usability and user-centred design across a broad range of other health IT projects. Kit holds an MSc in Engineering from Oxford University, and a Diploma in Architecture (Honours) from University College London.

He takes a hands-on approach to all SpaceAP projects, leading our teams of expert designers, researchers and technology specialists to assure quality and overall delivery.

He is fascinated by great products and the people, technologies and processes behind them. Away from the office he is a keen rower and multihull sailor. 

James Fone
James Fone

James is a user research and usability expert, with many years experience in the field.

Prior to joining SpaceAP, he was the main user researcher for Microsoft’s work on the NHS Common User Interface programme. During that time he conducted around 400 usability sessions with clinicians, giving him unique insight into the issues faced by designers of point-of-care clinical systems. He has also published research on the use of IT to support medical shift handover. He holds an MSc in Computation from the University of Manchester, and a BA in Philosophy and Psychology from the University of Liverpool.

James provides user research, expert evaluation, and requirements elicitation & management to all SpaceAP projects, working closely with our design teams whilst retaining an objective critical perspective.



Riskpoint delivers complex web-based applications and mobile apps efficiently and cost-effectively, using its in-house open-source toolkit. They've taught us that bespoke solutions don't have to be time-consuming or expensive! We have worked closely with Riskpoint for over 4 years, collaborating on many of our recent projects, and share an office with them in Hammersmith.

Styles Webbin

Bryan Werbinski and Rebecca Lam are our go-to visual designers, and we've worked together on many of our recent projects. They add that vital layer of visual flair and polish to our work.


We've known and worked with the guys at Cognifide for many years, since our time together at Oyster Partners. For enterprise-level web content management, marketing automation and delivery of complex projects with Adobe CQ and Sitecore, there's no-one better.

ASE Consulting

ASE are experts in big government IT projects, and we've worked with their consultants on many projects for the NHS in England and the Department of Health in Australia.